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Your go-to for modeling, documenting, and designing since the initial release in 2000, the Revit of today includes capabilities and functionality we could only dream of decades ago. With investment and innovation reflecting the brightest design minds and your user feedback and input, release after release Revit functionality and value have grown. Here’s a timeline view into improvements and expansions implemented in the past five years of software updates.

Over the past 5 years

Product Updates

Total Enhancements

Customer Ideas



 Data Exchanges 
 Control Print Order 
Measure in 3D*
 Performance Enhancements 
 Structural Analytical Modeling for BIM Coordination
 Accurate Structural Analytical Modeling Automation
 Library-Based Connection Design Automation
 Adaptive Rebar Propagation
 Electrical Analysis
 Demolished MEP Elements Remain Connected*
 Technology Preview: MEP Fabrication Data Manager
 Interoperability with FormIt Pro
 CAD Linking/Importing File Support
 Filter by Sheet for Schedules
 Multi-Leader Tag Leader Enhancements
 Activate Controls with Multiple Elements Selected
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* Customer Ideas


 PDF Export* 
 Wall Enhancements* 
Shared Parameters in Key Schedules*
 Improved FormIt Interoperability 
 Link Rhinoceros® (3DM) Files*
 Multi-leader Tags*
 Rotated Tags*
 Multiple Values Indication*
 Move Rebar in a Set*
 Model Rebar using Real Bar Diameter*
 Systems Analysis Loads Report
 Faster and Precise Rebar Placement by Two Points
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 Open Cloud Model Version* 
 Snap Mid-Point Between Two Points* 
Automatic Locking for Align
 Load Multiple Families 
 Duplicate Sheet
Find in Project Browser
CAD Importing and Linking Improvements
Export OBJ Files
Edit Multiple Rebar Set Constraints

Automatically Match Couple Size with Rebar Type

Adjust Slope for Fabrication Parts
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* Customer Ideas


 Generative Design 
Enhanced Realistic Views 
Slanted Walls*
Link PDF Files or Images 
Electrical Circuit Naming Scheme
Cloud Models on Europe Data Centers
Enable/Disable View Filters
New Standard 3D Rebar Shapes
Improved Revit Home
Customized Workspace 
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Shared Views 
Reset Shared Coordinates 
Export STL
Quickly Identify the Rebar Host 
Enhanced FormIt Converter
Create an Alignment from InfraWorks Data
P&ID Modeler Supports Europe Data Centers
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* Customer Ideas
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 PDF Underlay* 
Create elliptical walls* 
Open a Revit model with Desktop Connector
Materials appearance improvements  
Enhanced OR condition for rule-based view filter*
Schedule scope boxes*
Improved Revit Home
SketchUp 2018 models support*
Large Schedules: freeze/unfreeze header, active row and cell highlighted *
Path of Travel*
Fly Mode for Perspective Views
Save a workshared model to the cloud
Steel connections for Dynamo
Rebar in model-in-place stairs*
Edit circuit and panel properties*
Electrical features: customize home run arrows, electrical panel feel-through lugs*
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Stripe rows in Large Schedules* 
Path of Travel route analysis* 
Improve Wall Attach dialog*
Coordinates of linked files visible 
Site Collaboration Workflow (Civil 3D to Revit)
SketchUp 2019 models support*
Beginner Architectural Tutorials
Advanced Workflow for Energy Systems Analysis*
BIM 360 Design Sync Activity Indicator
Test cloud model upgrade
Copy a legend view across sheets*
New rebar to rebar constraint type
Intuitive rebar constraints visualization and editing
Precast double walls
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Dynamo nodes for steel connections 
Edit Circuit and Panel in Panel Schedule View 
Path of Travel Add and Edit Waypoints
Improved Schedule view
Folder path for BIM 360 Linked Models
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* Customer Ideas


Cloud Models for Revit 
Easy upgrade for Revit Cloud Worksharing models 
Rendering: High resolution texture support*
Place an instance of an image* 
Zoom in schedules*
Move elements very small distances*
Parts from imported bridge and tunnel geometry
Background fill patterns*
Modernized user interface*
3D views: levels, projection modes, uncropped perspective view*
OR condition for rule-based view filters*
Site collaboration*
Dimensions for curved objects in section views*
File version display*
Rename views using a slow double-click*
Structural connections included in Revit
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Revit Home 
Perspective views* 
Site Collaboration (interoperability with Civil 3D)
Resizable dialogs*
Move a surface pattern on top of a wall*
Align sections*
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* Customer Ideas
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