Over the years, Maya has delivered top-quality updates to help you work faster and more efficiently. We continue to focus on creating more artist-friendly experiences across disciplines.

Over the past 5 years

Product Updates

Total Enhancements

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 Blue Pencil 2D Drawing Tools 
 Cached playback improvements 
Animation performance improvements
 USD across Maya's toolset 
 USD in Bifrost
 Bifrost updates
 Enhanced Boolean toolset
 Retopologize enhancements
 Faster manipulation of mesh components
 QuadDraw performance improvements
 New mesh wireframe opacity settings
 Rigging improvements for better precision
 A more artist-friendly Maya
 New interactive tutorials
 Faster Rendering Experience with Arnold
 Unreal Live Link for Maya (version 1.1)
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 New Options for Boolean Operations 
 Vertex Color Changes 
Improved USD Integration
 Capabilities in Arnold  
 Operator SDK in Bifrost (requires seperate download)
 Other capabilities in Bifrost (requires seperate download)
 New UI Layout 
 Asset Linking
 Bi-Directional Playhead 
 Creation of Unreal assets directly in the Maya UI
 Character streaming can be paused
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 Seamless USD integration 
 New Ghosting Editor 
Additive animation clips
 Smooth (Gaussian) filter in the Graph Editor 
 Component Tags
 Morph Deformer
 New Sweep Mesh tool
 Create VR for Maya
 Smoother startup experience
 Python 3
 Cached Playback support in the Time Editor
 Peak Removal filter in the Graph Editor
 New Auto Tangent types
 Deformer Falloffs
 Skin Bunding using Proximity Wrap
 Game Vertex Count plugin
 Arnold 6.2
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 Search feature 
 New Application Home 
Interactive tutorials
 Open framework for customized interactive tutorials 
 Quick tour
Return of Viewcube
Additional Component tag options
Deformer updates
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 Deformation control 
 Improved Application Home 
New options in Script Editor
 Added USD support
 Improved Bifrost
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 Better control of your models 
 Improved USD 
Rigging enhancements
 Bifrost updates
 Amplified rendering
 Substance support
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 Simplified installer experience 
 Stream scene timecode to Unreal 
Blendshapes support
 Support for camera attributes
 Support for lighting adjustments
 Stream joint transforms to Unreal
 Back version support (Maya 2018+)
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 60+ Animation Features 
 Cached Playback updates 
Animation Bookmarks
 Arnold GPU
 Bifrost for Maya
 Viewport Improvements
 Remesh Tool
 Retopologize Tool
 Rigging Improvements
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 Native Plugin for Rokoko's Motion Library 
 A Guide to Getting Started with the Motion Library Plugin in Maya 
Time Slider Bookmark Improvements: Interactively move and scale bookmarks
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 Target Weld Tool: Preserve UVs option 
 Vertical Splitter Bar for Outliner 
New Outliner Sets contextual menu
 Reserve namespaces for unloaded references
 Run Viewport 2.0 in OpenGL mode on a remote desktop
 Substance plugin update: New scripting commands and upgraded UI
 Arnold for Maya update: Export Arnold scene data in USD format
 Bifrost for Maya update
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 Paint Skin Weights Tool improvements 
 Merge BaseAnimation layer on import 
Script Editor improvements: New RMB menu and hotkeys for managing tabs
 Updated ATF plugin: Catia V5 R6 2020 and JT support
 HumanIK: Neck Motion Reduction setting
 New Show Animated Shapes option in the Graph Editor
 Bifrost 2.1
 Import Standard Surface with FBX
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 Drag and drop Maya curves into Bifrost graphs
 New fields system in Bifrost 
Bifrost volume tool improvements
 Aero solver improvements
 Arnold 6.1 integrated
 Substance plugin update
 Bifrost graph shape nodes
 Bifrost scatter pack
 MPM solver: Accurate collisions and self-collisions
 Instantly terminate Bifrost simulations
 Motion Library update
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 Cached Playback 
 Arnold updates in Viewport 2.0 
Faster snapping, selection, and scene loading in Viewport 2.0
 Butterworth filter in the Graph Editor
 Key Reducer in the Graph Editor
 Prune and smooth weight options in the Bake Deformer
 New sample characters in the Content Browser
 Pipeline integration improvements
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 Render Setup and Light Editor improvements 
 Cached Playback updates 
Outliner option in Interface Preferences
New Launch Scene Lint window tool in Evaluation Toolkit
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 Bifrost for Maya visual programming environment 
 Physically-based solvers for aerodynamics and combustion 
Material Point Method (MPM) solver for granular and cloth simulation
 New high-performance particle system
 Rendering-friendly instancing
 Final-pixel previews of effects in the Arnold Viewport
 New Substance 2.0 plugin
 Render Setup and Light Editor improvements
 FBX 2019.5
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 Vertical splitter bar in the Outliner 
 New Sets sub-menu in the Outliner 
 Reserve unloaded namespaces option

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