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Tuesday, September 27 11:00AM ET

General Session Day 1

Join Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnost to learn how moving our collaboration—and our data—to the cloud can help create the right solutions.  

Wednesday, September 28 11:00AM ET

General Session Day 2

Business transformation is a journey that involves embracing new skillsets, toolsets, and mindsets in the face of disruption. Hear top cross-industry business leaders share their incredible transformation journeys and successes. 


Tuesday, September 27 8:00AM CT

Image Courtesy of Andrew Krivulya 

A new breed of prosumer creation tools for the digital economy

We will define a new persona in the digital economy: Learn how prosumer creators and influencers are the lifeblood of communication in the digital economy

Tuesday, September 27 5:30PM ET

Image Courtesy of Amanda Irani

From Maya and Unreal to Virtual Presence: The Epic Games Lab Case Study

Join Heiko Wenzcel from Epic Games, and Nimrod Friedmann of Theia Interactive as they lead us through their sustainable, scalable innovation lab environment streamed on the cloud using Revit, Maya, and Unreal Engine.  

Image Courtesy of NVIDIA, edstudios

Wednesday, September 28 9:00AM ET

Enter the Omniverse: AI enhanced Collaboration and Simulation at scale.

Learn how Nvidia Omniverse can help unlock collaboration and simulation at enterprise scale. We will explore workflows that enhance your interactions with the tools you use, not replace them.

Wednesday, September 28 2:30PM ET

Women in XR: Changing how we work, play and interact

Leading women in XR share career insights, exclusive opportunities, strategies to overcome challenges, and what the future of XR will look like with a more inclusive and innovative culture.​

Wednesday, September 28 5:30PM ET

Camera to Cloud: Real Time Workflows with Moxion

Explore Moxion, the powerful cloud-based platform for digital dailies. Learn how productions are using real-time workflows to enhance collaboration, and streamline creative review and decision making.

Thursday, September 29 12:00PM ET

Image Courtesy of Vic Nguyen

Digital Barn-Raising: How Standards Communities are Building the Metaverse 

Neil Trevett of the Khronos Group will explore the constellation of open standards, open source software projects, and organizations working to evolve formats and standards for 3D content creation to support metaverse applications.  

New Cloud-Based Possibilities for Media Production

Production in the cloud is a growing trend in media and entertainment as the demand for new content continues to skyrocket around the world. Discover the forces at play driving the move to the cloud. Explore how next-gen workflows are helping creative studios work more efficiently and scale to meet growing demands while changing the way we think about the future of production.

On-Demand Friday, September 30


Join us for These Theater Talk Sessions & Speakers:

Beyond Camera to Cloud- The Union of Post and On-set Production; Steve Marshall, Autodesk

Creating Real-time Content, Animation and Virtual Production with Unreal Engine and Maya; Marc Petit, Epic Games

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Tuesday, September 27 8:00AM CT

Image Courtesy of Elizabeth Ku-Herrero on behalf of the Taking the Plunge team

The evolution of open source in Film and TV production

Learn about key open source initiatives for Film and TV production, and the collaboration between tech partners and studios driving them forward.

Tuesday, September 27 8:00AM CT

Image Courtesy of Punctum Images

The role of virtual production in automotive advertising

CGI has dramatically changed production of automotive marketing content. Explore new visualization possibilities with Punctum Images and the challenges in building a virtual location for commercial or print campaigns entirely in CGI.

Wednesday, September 28 1:30PM CT

Image Courtesy of Cinzia Angelini

Get Ready for Real-Time Virtual Production in 60 minutes

Have you seen the amazing things the cinema and TV industry are doing with Real-Time Virtual Production (VP)? IM designs will show you the entire process of building a RTVP laboratory from Revit to construction, equipment and required software, production management, and much more! 

Wednesday, September 28 3:00PM CT

Image Courtesy of Darko Mitev

Flame on the Cloud: Remote production without compromising the quality 


Find out how Flame on Cloud can help you achieve a cost-effective increase in productivity and collaboration, and how to incorporate this workflow with your VFX pipeline, both in office or offsite.

Thursday, September 29  3:00PM CT

The eTail Metaverse, immersive visualization to grow your target market

Buying habits have changed due to the global pandemic, in this session we’ll discuss how Autodesk technology can support physicalizing digital retail experiences and enable product buying decisions.


Tuesday, September 27 5:30PM CT

The Omniverse of Collaboration: Visualization using USD

Get up to date on the latest in collaborative USD (Universal Scene Description) workflows using Connectors from Autodesk Revit to NVIDIA Omniverse for AEC Visualization.

Tuesday, September 27  10:30PM CT

Making VR's ROI a reality - A case study on hyper-realistic clinical mockup

Discover how hyper-realistic VR can accelerate high-quality collaboration sessions between multiple stakeholders with more flexibility, and scalability.

Wednesday, September 28  9:00AM CT

Build The Matrix city of machines using USD across Maya´s tools set

Create, edit and share complex USD prototypes with multiple variants, purposes, and more, using only Maya´s tools set. 

Wednesday, September 28  9:30AM CT

AR/VR enhances workflow, fuels collaboration and improves decision-making

Learn from our panel of experts in construction, entertainment, and technology how extended reality can fuel collaboration and drive innovative results.

Wednesday, September 28  1:30PM CT

Product Visualization Workflow from Inventor to 3ds Max to the Client

In the real world, one program just can’t do it all. Sketching, massing models, final design, animation, and rendering of engineering models; this class will discuss the workflow for using multiple Autodesk products in a production environment.

Wednesday, September 28  4:30PM CT

Make Your Architectural Model Shine from Revit to 3ds Max

Learn how to model in Revit and then produce high-end renderings in 3ds Max.  Test the rendering and adjust the model, materials, and lights to achieve exceptional results.

Thursday, September 29 9:00AM CT

3ds Max and Brick Visual - The possibilities are endless!

An inspiring overview of the endless possibilities 3ds Max can offer in an architectural visualisation studio.

Thursday, September 29  12:00PM CT

The Metaverse, Utilizing BIM and Unreal Engine to Build the Future of Web 3

The KEYS Metaverse is a first-of-its-kind universe built for the evolution of BIM in real estate, business, socialization, interaction, commerce, and entertainment. 

Thursday, September 29 2:30PM CT

Multitouch Maya

The traditional mouse and keyboard are limiting our speed and efficiency potential, learn how multitouch technology can be used to drive Maya and speed up your workflow.

Thursday, September 29  4:30PM CT

2022 Tony Stark's Buyer's Guide: Best xR Gear, Tools, Compatible Software

Tony Stark's Guide is your 'one-stop shop' - an XR buyers guide with expert reviews, XR tool recommendations, and an overview of products and workflows.

Thursday, September 29  10:30PM CT

Top 7 OSL Shaders for 3ds Max 2023

Join Spectra3D Technologies and get ahead of the competition by learning to create visually compelling, photorealistic renderings using the 3ds Max 2023 top OSL shaders in a streamlined workflow.


Tuesday, September 27  5:30PM CT

And the Winners are...

The Autodesk Excellence Awards recognize the people, projects, and technologies that have made outstanding contributions this year. We are thrilled to congratulate the inspiring artists who have demonstrated imaginative creative approaches, high-quality work, and active community participation in the following categories.

    ☆    Project of the Year    ☆    Educator of the Year        Community Leader     ☆     Innovator of the Year


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